Team - Therapists & Beauticians

Nok - Beauty & Special Treatments

Expert Area:

Nails, Pedi, Eyelashes, 3D Make-up, Special Treatments

As the owner of TaiTam-D, Nok has more than 15 years experience in the beauty industry running several beauty shops over that time. Her expertise include Nail Art & Extensions, 3D Make-up and Special Treatments like Weight Loss Programs, Facial Treatments and Green Peel. Nok is also teaching the Beauty courses of our VTCT Academy.

Nanny - Beauty 

Expert Area:

Shellac, Pedi, Facials, Waxing, Nails Extension

Nanny has been with TaiTam-D since its inception. She is skilled in all beauty aspects from nail applications, infills, extensions as well as beauty therapy treatments like facials, body detox, waxing and scrubs. Always  a great service attitude with attention to detail, Nanny is a customer favourite.

Minky- Massage

Expert Area:

Deep Tissue, Indian Head, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hotstone and  Thai Massage

Minky is an expert in all massages we offer at TaiTam-D. In addition to her VTCT Lev3 certification she has a full teaching qualification for massage. Her specialities included Deep Tissue and Thai massage. Minky's philosophy is the total relaxation by restoring harmony of mind & body and provide natural pain relief by correcting and restoring the function to your muscles and soft tissue.

Ajda - Beauty

Expert Area:

Shellac, Waxing, Facials

With a great wealth experience in the beauty industry, Ajda is well known for her waxing and gel application for manicure & pedicure. Ajda prides herself in providing a professional and thorough service to all her clients with a reputation of providing painless waxes and delivering great results to the full satisfaction of clients.

Erdal - Sports Therapy

Expert Area: 

Sport Massage, Physiotherapy,

Deep Tissue

Qualified as a registered HCPC (PH112704) physiotherapist, Erdal graduated from medical university in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2003. He completed his master in Kinesiology in Sports therapy in 2005 and subsequently worked in a hospital for rehabilitation in Istanbul. After coming to the UK in 2011, he worked in the Cheshunt chiropractor clinic as a holistic massage therapist. He is specialising in rehabilitation therapy and can be booked under most insurance plans.

Elisa - Massage

Expert Area:

Deep Tissue & Hot Stone, Sedish, Aromatherapy

Elisa is VTCT Lev 3 certified massage therapist and an expert in Deep Tissue and Hot Stone massages. She is always attentive to our clients' needs with her gentle and positive attitude and her clients always leave with a smile on their face after receiving her treatments.

May - Thai Massage

Expert Area:

Thai Herbal & Yoga, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Indian Head

May specialises in all Thai massage therapies. Her Thai herbal compress technique offers several potential health benefits like deep relaxation, stress & fatigue relieve, boosting of both emotional and physical well-being and alignment and postural integrity of the body. Her Thai Yoga treatment uses feet, elbows, palms, thumbs and knees to skilfully apply pressure and yoga-like stretches to the body to generate a feeling of deep relaxation and balance.

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